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Mobile Soda Blasting ServicesSoda blasting is the latest technology to safely strip paint and clean most any surface. The soda blaster uses compressed air to deliver sodium bicarbonate based media (baking soda) onto the surface to be cleaned. While at the outset this seems similar to sandblasting, all similarities quickly fade once you understand the process.

Sand is a hard, heavy material that can wreak havoc on any substrate. It will pit glass, tear up rubber & plastic and etch metal. Soda blasting has none of that. A properly formulated soda blasting media is made of Sodium Bicarbonate that is manufactured to be in a consistent, larger crystal size. When it strikes the material you are soda blasting the crystal explodes outward and the explosion is the force that strips your target of grease, paint, mold, dirt, whatever it is you are removing.

It is difficult to tell someone about soda blasting without using the phrase "the best part." Why? Because there are so many advantages to soda blasting they are all "the best part!" You want to say: The Best Part about soda blasting is…

it doesn't harm the substrate. No metal warping, no flash rust, no more masking of glass, chrome and rubber!

easy clean up, the media is water–soluble, rinse it off!

it's environmentally friendly! Baking soda: Non–toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous, FDA approved!

how versatile it is! It can be used in so many applications!

Milwaukee Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal Services MilwaukeeGraffiti is like a cancer on the side of a building. No one wants the graffiti to show up and once it appears it often spreads. The best thing to do is get the graffiti removed as quickly as possible.

Until our Cutting Edge Milwaukee Mobile Sodablasters arrived, there were only a few good Southeast Wisconsin Graffiti Removal options: sand blasting would tear into the substrate and severely damage the surface, while solvents & paint strippers only turn the paint into liquid, allowing the pigment from the paint to leach further into the surface.

Soda Blasting the surface after an area has been hit with graffiti is the best way to combat the problem. Cutting Edge Authorized MIlwaukee Graffiti Removal Contractors are often called upon to perform this graffiti removal task.

The Advantages of Soda Blasting...

Cleaning & De-Coating in One Step:

Standard abrasive blasting is a dirty process, often loading and even embedding the surface with contaminants (grease, oil, tar & abrasive particles) in the process of removing the coating…
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Unique Cutting Action:

Sodium bicarbonate blast media offers the unique properties of sodium bicarbonate, the primary ingredient. The softness and friable nature of this crystal produces a unique cutting action…
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Natural Rust Inhibitor:

Pure sodium bicarbonate blast media buffers the acids, prevents the release of free metal ions and prevents rust…
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Removes Odors:

The same odor absorbing effect seen in the refrigerator at home is present when blasting with sodium bicarbonate blast media. It not only removes the contaminates, it also reduces …
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